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Due to more and more Westerners moving out here to Thailand, there are now more bathroom items available than there was ever before. Here we can recomend 2 companies who maintain the highest quality in their products, whilst also keeping the price relatively low, due to producing their products here in Thailand.

American standard is an excellent product
Cotto is of a very high quality also

What product you decide to use is really down to personal preference, but we as a team, will give guidance and be happy to help with selections in any way.


The Flooring we use here in Thailand differs somewhat from those that would be used in Western houses. This is mainly down to Climate, and the sandy nature of the Country.

Mainly used would be Marble, Granite, Wood or Tiling. Easy to keep clean, wipe dry and stay cool.

We specialize in all of these finishing to the highest standard possible, the prices vary on all of these products yet again its down to personal taste


We design and build Taylor made kitchens to fit your every need using the finest hard wood cupboards and we recommend granite work tops, Thai granite or imported granite is an extremely hard stone very durable and come in many colors unlike its partner Marble ,,Marble has a very nice finish (BUT) it is a very soft stone not practical and has a high maintenance, it scratches, damages, and miss colours very easily ,and restoration can be very costly.

There are also now a wide range of company's supplying and fitting kitchens hear in Thailand similar to the ones you'd get in Europe some of higher quality than others.


We Supply 3 different types of windows at alan the builder, we would put it down to personal choice. We have wood, aluminium or PVC.

My personal choice would be of Aluminum because it is a no maintenance product, it comes in a variety of colours ( silver, bronze, brown, white or black )

The changes in climate do not affect this product at all. Dry, hot, wet, etc makes no difference. Also they come with fitted insect screens to allow you to open all windows and not be troubled by mosquito's or other bugs.

P.V.C is relatively new in Thailand. I believe it to be a good quality produce mainly it is imported which of course means more costly. There are now a handful of company's fitting these window’s in Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok.

Wood has a beautiful finish but we find it a very high maintenance window but as always personal taste is up to the client.


Due to the tropical climate, modern roof structures in Thailand are now mostly fabricated from steel, rather than the traditional wooden style. The main reason they began to do this is because of termites, they are big and very hungry! The Thai term for these is ' Pluak ' they have had a very devastating affect on the wooden house all over Thailand.

The roof tile in its self has many different colours, shapes and sizes, to choose from. One product we are very familiar with is called, 'C pac moner' , it is made from a concrete type substance. It iss very strong, durable and does not miss colour.

This roof tile has many different colours to suit all tastes. I highly recommend this product. There are many companies out there producing tiles, but some of them tend to come and go. This is not good if you wish to extend or add on to your house at a later time.


We do a design and build service for all our clients who we build houses for. We have a UK designer on hand and our Thai architect has a lot of experience in this line of work, how ever we are not a landscape company, this service is only for clients whom we build houses for. We produce the plan first with the client, then when the client is satisfied with the design and of course the price, we landscape.