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Thailand Construction

All our work is carried out to the specification of the plans.

Nowadays in Thailand the plan, once completed by our architect goes through a process. It start’s by going to a licensed registered engineer, their job is to check through the plan in meticulous detail making sure the architect has not made any mistake’s in the specification.

This is mainly for safety reasons, then after it has been passed (certified) it goes to a government engineer for the final check once that's been approved then we can start to build the house.

Thailand Planning

Every house is different, some clients all ready have a plan, some clients only have an idea, some clients may be unsure of what they require.

There fore we have lots of plans, house books, pictures, and idea’s to suit all tastes. We are very patient in making sure the end product is the right choice for them .we have a great team to help the client with all off their decisions, nothing is a problem.