Build a House in Thailand

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Planning - House Building in Thailand.

When it come to the design of your home we have on hand to help, as well as my own input, two fully qualified architects one of these use to teach in Ragapat university in Bangkok .

We also have two government registered and licensed structural engineers .

Sometimes there are government requirements needed when building a house in a built up area. For all houses over 140 sqm in size.

Our engineers check through the full set of detailed plans and sign and stamp every page, after it as passed the inspection.

Sometimes a structural engineers booklet showing all the stress calculations and dimensions is another requirement needed to pass to building regulations here in Thailand.

We take care of all these things for a fraction of the other big building companies in Bangkok , Pattaya , Phuket and would charge.

The only thing the client has to think about is the house layout and design we take care of the rest .

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